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Sexy scat mistresses

posted by pervert

Oh my, how I wish I was in this nasty bastard’s shoes… Just look at the scene he is taking part in – there are three sexy scat girls taking care of him at once! They are all hot as hell, they are all naked except for their tights (that they will tear open in order to make their crap get out) and they all obviously mean business. Can’t wait to hear what they will do to their poor coprophilous boy toy? Well, get ready to hear it from me!

pissing sex mouthful of crap scat mistresses

They will warm the dude up with some pissing sex, showering his face and body with fresh smelly urine. That will only be the innocent beginning though – the guy will end up lying on the floor with all his three mistresses taking turns to squat over him and to defecate right on his twisted face! He will get a mouthful of crap, he will have crap all over his face and then… Then the hottest part will begin. They will smear all that crap over him, turning him into a real chocolate boy!


Extreme scat sex marathon

posted by pervert

This white-skinned alt mama is obviously eager to go as deep down and dirty as it’s only possible tonight and… Well, this is something that her fuckmate seems to be able to help her with. They start off with some plain fucking but soon switch on to something way more exciting – even though it all was just a prelude before scat sex, I really enjoyed watching the dude fuck the bitch’s pierced pussy with a huge dildo and shove his hand into it.

piss drinking pussy fisting shitting into mouth suck shitty dildo

But the mommy returned the extreme penetration favor to his damn well too, it should be said – somewhere in the middle of the fuck, the guy found himself down on the floor, receiving a warm and sloppy scat handjob. Even his cock itself looked like a thick turd in a pile of crap, smeared all over it in chunks. Bet that it felt great too – though obviously not as great as what followed it. Here on these pics we will see the guy taking a crap into his alt girlfriend’s mouth, then smearing her face with his shit and making her suck his dirty cock clean!


Blond busty addicted to poop sex

posted by pervert

Tonight’s picture gallery is definitely not intended for goodie-goodie boys and girls – so, please, back off and let the real admirers of scat sex step in! Oh, man, you are going to be impressed, my word – the blond busty featured here doesn’t simply like poop sex – she’s fuckin’ addicted to it! She starts her shoot off with some piss drinking, swooshing the yellow juice in her mouth to prepare her taste buds for the most delicious part.
blond busty drinking piss scat girl eats shit
And there it comes. Settled under her fuckmate’s ass, this blondie allows his turds to fall right into her mouth, popping them like toffees. She eats quite some shit herself but there’s a point where her buddy starts helping her, pushing even more into her twisted mouth. I also like the view of her spread pussy, all brown and shiny from the shit smeared across it. Like how it looks? Oh man, so do I! And seeing her drenched with her own watery crap makes the whole thing even better!

This scene is a total must-see!


Blonde milf dildoing pussy and shitting

posted by pervert

Frankly, at first, I wasn’t so impressed by this gallery… Just a hot blond milf sitting on the couch in red lingerie, dildoing her pussy – nothing so special. However, as my eyes traveled down the rows of pictures, I grew into feeling the crazy excitement I feel about this gallery now as a whole. Man, it just kicks ass, word! That picture that shows the mommy’s chute opening up to let out a huge turd almost tearing her anus apart – that was something that blew my mind completely.

milf dildoing pussy and shitting

So there she is – sexy mom is sexy lingerie and big black boots, taking a crap right in front of you. Frankly, I just can’t keep my eyes off her! The part when she grabs her poop off the floor, showing it smeared over her hand is awesome too. I also like the pic where she shows her crack, her cherry hole still loose after that mighty dumping. That’s why I love women that shit a lot – not those tiny miserable icicles of poop that you can often see in scat galleries. This mama is perfect!

Watch Gallery Now!


Hello world!

posted by pervert

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