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Occasional poop smears

posted by pervert

There are many people who say that taking an enema before anal sex is a must in order to avoid occasional poop smears but…

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Come on, don’t you feel it takes all the fun out of the wonderful process of ass fucking? Looks like the busty blond featured in this free scat sex scene feels the same too. She’s so full of shit (literally) that she just can’t stop it from flowing – her asshole starts pulling out chunks of fresh brownie while the guy’s cock is still stuck inside it!

Fortunately, the guy that the busty is fucking with is anything but a mainstream bore. Yes, he does pull his rod out of the babe’s ass – but only to watch her shitting right down on the floor, unable to make it to the loo. When she’s done with that, he simply smears her fresh shit all over her plump backside, her ripe tits, her legs and her belly… He gets her covered with crap! When he’s done painting her curvy body brown, he stuffs his shaft back into her and bangs her pussy till cumming right into that shit whore’s mouth.

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  1. donald Said,

    s dat real?shitttt….

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