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Blonde milf dildoing pussy and shitting

posted by pervert

Frankly, at first, I wasn’t so impressed by this gallery… Just a hot blond milf sitting on the couch in red lingerie, dildoing her pussy – nothing so special. However, as my eyes traveled down the rows of pictures, I grew into feeling the crazy excitement I feel about this gallery now as a whole. Man, it just kicks ass, word! That picture that shows the mommy’s chute opening up to let out a huge turd almost tearing her anus apart – that was something that blew my mind completely.

milf dildoing pussy and shitting

So there she is – sexy mom is sexy lingerie and big black boots, taking a crap right in front of you. Frankly, I just can’t keep my eyes off her! The part when she grabs her poop off the floor, showing it smeared over her hand is awesome too. I also like the pic where she shows her crack, her cherry hole still loose after that mighty dumping. That’s why I love women that shit a lot – not those tiny miserable icicles of poop that you can often see in scat galleries. This mama is perfect!

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