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Sexy scat mistresses

posted by pervert

Oh my, how I wish I was in this nasty bastard’s shoes… Just look at the scene he is taking part in – there are three sexy scat girls taking care of him at once! They are all hot as hell, they are all naked except for their tights (that they will tear open in order to make their crap get out) and they all obviously mean business. Can’t wait to hear what they will do to their poor coprophilous boy toy? Well, get ready to hear it from me!

pissing sex mouthful of crap scat mistresses

They will warm the dude up with some pissing sex, showering his face and body with fresh smelly urine. That will only be the innocent beginning though – the guy will end up lying on the floor with all his three mistresses taking turns to squat over him and to defecate right on his twisted face! He will get a mouthful of crap, he will have crap all over his face and then… Then the hottest part will begin. They will smear all that crap over him, turning him into a real chocolate boy!