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Blond busty addicted to poop sex

posted by pervert

Tonight’s picture gallery is definitely not intended for goodie-goodie boys and girls – so, please, back off and let the real admirers of scat sex step in! Oh, man, you are going to be impressed, my word – the blond busty featured here doesn’t simply like poop sex – she’s fuckin’ addicted to it! She starts her shoot off with some piss drinking, swooshing the yellow juice in her mouth to prepare her taste buds for the most delicious part.
blond busty drinking piss scat girl eats shit
And there it comes. Settled under her fuckmate’s ass, this blondie allows his turds to fall right into her mouth, popping them like toffees. She eats quite some shit herself but there’s a point where her buddy starts helping her, pushing even more into her twisted mouth. I also like the view of her spread pussy, all brown and shiny from the shit smeared across it. Like how it looks? Oh man, so do I! And seeing her drenched with her own watery crap makes the whole thing even better!

This scene is a total must-see!