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Extreme scat sex marathon

posted by pervert

This white-skinned alt mama is obviously eager to go as deep down and dirty as it’s only possible tonight and… Well, this is something that her fuckmate seems to be able to help her with. They start off with some plain fucking but soon switch on to something way more exciting – even though it all was just a prelude before scat sex, I really enjoyed watching the dude fuck the bitch’s pierced pussy with a huge dildo and shove his hand into it.

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But the mommy returned the extreme penetration favor to his damn well too, it should be said – somewhere in the middle of the fuck, the guy found himself down on the floor, receiving a warm and sloppy scat handjob. Even his cock itself looked like a thick turd in a pile of crap, smeared all over it in chunks. Bet that it felt great too – though obviously not as great as what followed it. Here on these pics we will see the guy taking a crap into his alt girlfriend’s mouth, then smearing her face with his shit and making her suck his dirty cock clean!