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Brutal pervert shits onto the babe

posted by pervert

The treatment awaiting this curvy blond mommy is guaranteed to impress you, my friend – as long as you are into dirty scat sex, of course. But let’s not be in too much hurry to see the sweetest parts of this scene – let’s better move on slowly, exploring the pleasures promised by it one by one.

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The whole thing will start with some pissing – the milf’s fuckmate will part her pussy lips gently, making her slit gush with a fountain of golden urine. When he’s done with that, he will lick her hole dry and work it out with his meaty cock, throbbing inside the mommy’s depths like a real vibrator. But what happens next when the bitchie cums? Go ahead and see it, baby.

Yes, the brutal pervert will shit onto the babe – shit very abundantly, it should be said. The fragrant brown pile that will appear on her belly and between her nice-sized tits will be simply enormous – big enough for her to get her whole body brown! When she’s done with that, she will also receive a nice warm enema.

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