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Just crazy about poop

posted by pervert

Hey there!

My name’s Matt and I’m here to help you unleash yourself by giving you a shitload of piping hot scat pics and videos. Yeah, I’m just crazy about poop, so I spend all of my free time cruising from one site to another, looking for the hottest coprophilia scenes that the Internet can offer. Unlike most other scatophilia junkies, I don’t keep the stuff for myself, safely tucking it away into a hidden folder on my PC. My mission is to help other people like me find that best scat porn in a blink of an eye, without having so spend that much effort. Thus, welcome to my blog – the official caca kingdom! See the hottest babes taking a shit in front of camera, getting smeared with poop and even eating feces – I’ve got it all here for you!

My blog requires no paying for the materials provided on its pages but I’d love to see your comments to my posts or, even better, your homemade scat sex scenes. I’m sure you’ve got plenty, so don’t be greedy – let’s have fun together!

  1. Lancia Said,


  2. Juul Said,

    Let’s go…!!!

  3. Ben Dover Said,

    You guys are fucking freaks for liking brown poop on these chicks, and i am eating cheese right now and it is weird. One of em was a doll too

  4. Jack Said,

    Great site! 1 question though…how/where does one find a woman who loves scat-sex. Been looking everywhere so far, but apparently on the wrong places 🙂

    Any tips, just let me know (jackblack141980@[hidden text])

    Thanks !!!


  5. mark Said,

    were can i find women like the ones on this site be looking for women that like scat sex and farting were can i find women that like that and how can i no that they like that any tips just let me know plz at baller12134@[hidden text] Thank!!! mark

  6. xsdertyh Said,

    we need more lesbian video

  7. newnew Said,

    hey i am in Dallas and if anybody want to eat me out and let me pee on them email me @ rochelledoss11@[hidden text] now

  8. kezz Said,

    i want to eat some girls shit and smell their farts (y)

  9. boston27 Said,

    i need a women that shits in pants

  10. boston27 Said,


  11. Faye Shitgirl Said,

    want me to shit on you? or eat your shit, send me scat videos to my email josh_ozz@[hidden text]

  12. sarahs Said,

    Anyone interested in making a shit eating porn with a tranny?

  13. sarahs Said,

    sarahtonin25@gmail .com

  14. gary Said,

    you all need some serious help

  15. Antoinette Said,

    You people are fucking mentally ill. I wish I can put a bullet in each and every one of your empty fucking skulls…

  16. simone Said,

    I am into all forms of scat I would love to hear from you… Cutrellk20 @ that’s at Glad to see so much interest talk to you later 😉

  17. sero Said,

    You don’t really find these kind (women) on the internet. If you want a tip then i would suggest finding a girlfriend, becoming comfortable and then experimenting. It’s a pretty serious fetish in context to it’s acceptance in public so either time and/or trust are major factors with a partner. Either that or find a whore and pay crazy money LOL.

  18. sero Said,

    BTW @Matt if you want some videos. I’ve got couple of gig. let me know 🙂

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