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Girlfriend takes a poop

posted by pervert

Saying that this guy is addicted to shit sex is as much as not saying anything at all, word – just look at how hard his cock gets in the foretaste of the wild messy fucking awaiting him!

blond girlfriendwild fuckinggirlfriend takes a shit

His milf of a girlfriend seems to be as excited as him, by the way – after receiving a quickie oral warmup, she pounces at his shaft too and envelops it with her tender full lips, making it turn from flesh into stone. What’s next, you wonder? Next comes the real messy fun preceded by some hard fucking…

The mommy will come riding the guy’s shlong like crazy – bouncing wilder and wilder with every minute. Then she will stop all of a sudden and get up from his cock – only to take a poop on him. Think that her turd will just stay where she dropped it? No fucking way! The guy will take it, still as warm as her heated up body, will squash it in his hand – and smear the whole of it all over the blondie’s backside! Some will also come on her tits and belly… Done! Now you are ready to keep the ride on, mami!

real messy funblondie dropped turdmommy riding the smeary cock

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