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Messiest poop sex

posted by pervert

Even though this old sissy boy dressed in sexy lingerie and yellow pantyhose looks pretty decent, he turns out to be capable of initiating one of the messiest scat sex scenes that I have ever seen in my life. Bet you will like it!

old sissy boywife pissingyellow pantyhose

The whole thing begins when the nylon daddy brings his wife on her knees in front of him and starts pissing into her mouth. Unwilling to take the humiliation, the mommy takes in a whole mouthful of the golden juice and then just spits it back onto her nasty hubby, getting him soaked. Then she drives him even wetter by emptying her bladder onto him. Oh wow, that’s dirty.

Still, the golden showering just won’t compare to the stuff that follows it. The poppa just stands up and starts shitting onto his wife’s fuzzy twat, making it turn into a dirty brown mess. It takes him some effort to make the babe shit on him too – he gives the oldie enema after enema until her inflamed anus finally opens up and shoots a portion of liquid poop right onto him. Damn, what a scene!

dirty brown messinflamed anusnasty hubby

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