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Dirty shit fetish show

posted by pervert

This mature hoochie’s hubby is ridden by all kinds of fetish obsessions – and that’s exactly what makes him a perfect lover, word!

You will understand how good he is when you see him standing over the mommy, his yellow pantyhose pulled down to his knees, showering her massive breasts and wrinkled face with his steamy golden urine. Then he will just turn around and take a shit down on her pubis, covering her tender pussy with his turds in an even chocolate layer.

Naturally, the fat kink won’t even wipe his ass after evacuating his bowels here. He wants to get as dirty as it’s only possible and he will do it, giving his wife one enema after another, allowing her to drench him with her liquid waste. He will also finger her anus, making more and more fresh poop spray out of her and onto his fat body. Still not willing to call him a real kink? I am already. 🙂 Damn, his dirty fetish show is one that you just have to see, baby!

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